A collection inspired by all the emotions and things that make up a new bride’s trousseau. From joy that knows no bounds to the melancholy of leaving home, we’ve encapsulated it all on silk. We’re paying tribute to traditions and stories while spinning new ones. Trousseau is our canvas for your timeless tales to be passed down.

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Gradient Checks Woven in Antique Gold
  • Rs. 37,020.00

Temples Motifs in Silk Fast Gold
  • Rs. 19,220.00

The Kattam and The Chakram Woven in Pure Gold
  • Rs. 110,250.00

Sold out

Diagonal Border Woven in Pure Silver and Pure Gold
  • Rs. 141,750.00

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Polka Dots Woven in Antique Zari
  • Rs. 23,940.00

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Embossed Running Border in Antique Zari
  • Rs. 22,050.00