Want to know how to identify pure silk? It’s easy.

Associated with riches and luxury

silk is very fine, delicate and soft fabric. It is the most preferred textile all over the world to make high-end and luxurious clothing due to this.


In India too, silk is the top choice when it comes to clothes for grand celebrations and festivities. Particularly, mulberry silk is very popular for being light with a natural sheen and super adaptable. Even the world-famous and expensive Kanchipuram silk sarees are also woven using mulberry silk.

Sadly, many unscrupulous individuals take advantage of this by selling counterfeit silk products that are made using synthetic fibres. These counterfeit silk goods mimic the genuine ones so well that it becomes difficult for a common person to tell it apart.

But, don’t worry.

There’s a simple way to find a fake from real silk.

Even though there are many ways to check and see if your silk is pure or not, this isn’t very helpful when you’re looking to buy silk. So, the Silk Mark Organisation of India, a society set-up by the Central Silk Board of India, has come up with a certification in the form of Silk Mark for silk textiles.

The Silk Mark is a quality assurance label that helps you distinguish products that are made from pure natural silk
Any silk product bearing a hologram Silk Mark tag or a sewn-in hologram label is said to be made from pure natural silk and is from a genuine seller who is an authorised member under the Silk Mark Organisation of India.
If you haven’t noticed it before, there is a small logo of Silk Mark on every one of Drapery’s products to let our customers know that our sarees are made from natural mulberry silk. Every silk saree purchased from us has the Silk Mark certification.
This certification therefore makes it easier for you to know that you are getting the real deal and not a cheap imitation.

Silk of the best quality is indeed a prized possession and worth every rupee, but it is equally important to know that you are paying the price for the real thing.

So always make sure you verify before you pay the price.