Respinning traditions, one saree at a time

It is a mistake to think that silk sarees must be rooted in the past. While the traditional aspects of this attire is important, we at Drapery firmly believe that innovation is the key to the future.

So, we decided to change silk sarees to prove that the spirit of the traditional can breathe through the modern.

Starting with our MONO collection, one of the first collections that we launched in 2019. Only Drapery would have thought of capitalising on the power and regality of black silk. Typically associated with negative stereotypes, we decided to showcase the authority that this colour bears, through a special weaving technique that emphasises the colour.

This is just another aspect through which Drapery showcases our commitment towards silk sarees of the future. We have the latest and state-of-the-art machinery to help our expert weavers, all housed in the weaving town of Arani, Tamil Nadu. You can see the impact this technology has in your sarees — the Eternal collection, for example, has sarees with elaborate and detailed designs woven into the pallu as a result of our modern technology.

And all of this has culminated in Aarambh — our latest and most ground-breaking collection. With Aarambh, we disregard all the traditional norms associated with silk sarees, right from the weaving style itself to the colours and motifs used. The result is a silk saree that feels lighter than air and looks like it’s come from the future.


At Drapery, we strive to make sarees that are like you — elegant, modern, and absolutely breathtaking.

Because silk sarees don’t have to be just one thing. Like you, they can be a hundred things all at once, and like you, they are beautifully unique.

So break the mould with Drapery Silk.