Behind-the-scenes at Drapery Silk: The people who make it happen

Our beautiful silk sarees were once a mere yarn of silk.

It is our weavers who devote their time, knowledge, and skills to weave these sarees with such precision that it could rival a scientific process.

But most of the time, the mammoth efforts that go into transforming these yarns into silken masterpieces are hardly ever discussed yet alone praised.

Today, we intend to shed light on the effort behind our crafting process because these factors are not only vital to us but also are a testament to the innovation and precision that our silk sarees stand for.

Our Weavers:

Our weavers are the ones who breathe life into the inanimate and meaningless raw materials, by working on it for days that turn into weeks and sometimes even months.

Using a wide range of skills passed down through generations and adapting to cutting technology at our state-of-the-art facility in Arni, they confirm to our elaborate specifications involving the weaving of silk sarees of the finest quality.

Spirit Level Tool:


What may seem like a very simple tool found in our weavers’ tool bag can make a huge difference when it comes to weaving sarees of the highest standards.

In order to make our sarees stand out, our weavers must frequently check the balance of the loom and harness, and make adjustments in accordance with our accuracy parameters.

These fine adjustments sometimes need human judgement and cannot be replicated by machines, thus our weavers play a very important role in your every saree.

Profusion of Shuttles:


When weaving sarees, shuttles of various sizes and shapes are used for different purposes.

These shuttles have various settings that a weaver has to manually take care of depending on the requirements of the saree being woven.

For example, if a saree has multiple colours, the setting of the shuttle will be as such that a leaner fabric is warranted because of the volume of threads.


These are but a few of the many factors that are pivotal to how our silk sarees are made.

At Drapery, we not only take pride in our silk sarees, but also the stringent quality standards and practices that our team adheres to when crafting sarees of such rich feel that exude elegance.

We appreciate every part of the journey of weaving silk sarees and the people involved in bringing them to life, just as much as the final outcome itself.