Aarambh: The future of silk sarees is here.

Well, we changed it.


Aarambh, our latest collection by Drapery, is the next evolution of silk sarees. Every element - from the making process to the motifs and designs - has pushed the limits of what we typically knew of silk sarees.


Here are how Aarambh sarees are different from the rest.


Compressed Lateral Weave


Aarambh sarees are made using the compressed lateral weave technique. This keeps the silk smoother and softer while retaining the sturdiness of the fabric for a perfect drape. Typical silk sarees are heavy - somewhere between 1.1 kg to 1.3 kg - while Aarambh sarees weigh somewhere between 850 - 990 grams

Motifs and Patterns


And what’s on this high-quality silk? The best designs, of course. And while others print their patterns, Drapery has modified their techniques to ensure that these patterns and motifs are woven into silk.

Each saree has an overarching pattern theme that fits with the body, border and zari. This is a break from Drapery’s own norms of weaving designs into the pallu alone. Now, the whole saree is a masterpiece that tells a story.



The blouses in the Aarambh collection are noteworthy for their noteworthy detail work. Each zari holds miniature silhouette motifs woven into silk-fast German gold or silver. The size of the motifs makes it so that the blouse accommodates any styling method.



With hues and colour themes like never before, Aarambh attempts to dazzle with an eclectic shade range. From champagnes and azures to leopard colours and patterns, Aarambh is a collection that is not hesitant to challenge your notions on what a silk saree should be.


Aarambh is the future of silk sarees. And we’ve already begun to change everything you know about silk sarees.


Are you going to stay in the past? Or are you ready to enter the world of Aarambh?